Resilience: the 21st century factor

…to determine mental well-being and human performance

Who among us would not want less stress? Each one of us suffer from stress and when the World Health Organization describes stress as the 21st century global health epidemic, it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore!

The pace and intensity of contemporary life is not going to change, and we have to accept that we have little control over our outside world. What we can however control, is our reaction to these stressors. Have you ever noticed that by simply choosing to not give a problem more attention than it deserves and by shifting our focus to the solutions, rather than the problem itself, we save ourselves so much agony and suffering?

And this is exactly what resilience does!

Ever wondered why three people can experience the same difficult event and have different levels of stress? This is because each one of them has a different level of resilience.

The Resilient Mind project provides all the scientifically proven tools that helps build resilience in people. Whether you are an individual looking for some direction to be able to become a more resilient and happier version of yourself; or a business leader looking forward to creating resilient and more profitable organizations; or a healthcare provider looking forward to partner with us and play your part in creating a more resilient planet, The Resilient Mind project has something for you.

Currently, individuals and organizations who want to begin training can do so by registering for the online sessions through our website.

If you work in the healthcare sector or are a coach/counsellor, willing to include resilience training in your practice, The Resilient Mind project has something for you too.

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