What is resilience?

…a fad or a critical life skill!

Resilience is at the core of the WHO European policy framework for health and well- being – Health 2020 – and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals*. Resilience has become a buzzword for sure, but what really is resilience and why do we need it?

In simple terms, resilience is our ability to bounce back. It refers to our capacity to deal with hard stuff and difficult situations, when they come our way. The more resilience we have, the less debilitating is the effect any stress can have on us.

And since stress is becoming a health epidemic of the 21st century, be it work stress or stress related to finances, health, relationships etc., resilience does sound like a buzzword that is not just fashionable but very functional too. It is like a must have tool in each person’s coping mechanisms kit.

The team at The Resilient Mind project, comprising thought-leading academics, clinical professionals, and educators has studied resilience in people for over two decades. They have found that resilient people have certain common traits like being aware of their psychology functions and their health and relationships. They believe in self-care and know that resilience can be built with conscious effort and in a supportive environment.

Thus, came into being The Resilient Mind project, set out to build individual and organizational resilience through workshops, group training sessions, gamification group training, keynote speaking and consulting.

This is a win, win, win proposition for the individual, the organization, healthcare providers and everyone involved.

Currently, individuals and organizations who want to begin training can do so by registering for the online sessions through our website.

If you work in the healthcare sector or are a coach/counsellor, willing to include resilience training in your practice, The Resilient Mind project has something for you too.

Write to us at noelle.leemburg@TheResilientMind.life for more information.