What kind of Mindset do you Have?

…an open mindset (teachable) or a closed mindset

Teachability is not so much about competence or mental capacity as it is about attitude. It is the ability to embrace humility to unlearn and learn from life experiences, and from those in your life who you can learn from. Teachability requires courage to gain awareness of your psychological functions and relationship skills with the desire to optimize them.

When people get stuck, they often stop learning, become stagnant, susceptible to stress and eventually experience mental health challenges. But if you remain teachable and keep learning, it is possible to build resilience to cope with the challenges and complexities of this fast changing, 21st century modern world we live in.

From being in the trenches of life with multitudes of people who struggle, the clinical team at The Resilient Mind project have observed that people who accelerate in learning resilience skills exhibit these seven traits:

1-Courage is required to gain awareness of your psychological functions and how you do relationships. It also helps make improvement in both of these areas.

2-Humility is a willingness to learn from life events and from others

3. Honesty is allowing people you trust to fully know you without the fear of being rejected.

4. Vulnerability is intimacy spelled in-to-me-see. It’s when you let a person you trust see in-to-you. It’s being your true authentic self vs your fabricated self.

5. Self-awareness is the ability to gain awareness of your thoughts, emotions and desires and ‘seeing’ how they affect one’s choices.

6. Either empathy or judgement is occurring in you at one time or another, and which-ever one you are personally experiencing towards yourself, is probably being projected to others. When we find our self being judgmental, it is best to begin shifting progressively into a more empathic state.

Learning to practice these traits will allow you to learn and grow at a faster pace.

The Resilient Mind project provides all the scientifically proven tools that help build resilience and acquire these traits. Whether you are an individual looking for some direction to be able to become a more resilient and happier version of yourself, or a business leader looking forward to creating resilient and more profitable organizations; or a healthcare provider looking forward to partner with us and play your part in creating a more resilient planet, The Resilient Mind has something for you.

Currently, individuals and organizations who want to begin training can do so by registering for the online sessions through our website.

If you work in the healthcare sector or are a coach/counsellor, willing to include resilience training in your practice, The Resilient Mind project has something for you too.

Write to us at noelle.leemburg@TheResilientMind.life for more information.