Why Invest in Those Who Are Ready to Change?

….it produces the highest return on investment and evokes others to change

Since the discovery of the neuro plastic brain, empirical evidence exists that indicates when a person administers specific self-care initiatives, they activate almost immediate response mechanism that reduces stress and wards off mental health struggles.

The two most effective self-care initiatives include:

  • Becoming aware of one’s psychological functions and learning how to optimize them
  • Letting go of the pain from relationship fractures and developing close, engaging relationships


Approximately 85% of people have a closed mindset and only 15% have an open, ready-to-change mindset, meaning, they have the capacity to begin the journey of discovering and optimizing their psychology and relationships …the power-twins to mental well-being. It’s not that the other 85% will not be ready, but just not now.


The Resilient Mind clinical team’s work, combined with the University of New Mexico research, has resulted in the development of a measure to determine readiness-to-change. This instrument identifies those who, at this time in their lives, will produce the highest return on investment on learning the skills to achieve and maintain the mental well-being using the above said, self- care initiatives.

Using this instrument to determine people who are ready to change, has enabled us to increase our effect size from 10% to 18%. This means people who carry out The Resilient Mind’s 10-week resilience training program demonstrate an average of 18% increase in resilience for the simple reason that they are ready and therefore, produce the highest outcomes.


To better understand how ready you or a loved is to enhance your psychology and relationships please complete this readiness to change assessment.

The Resilient Mind project provides all the scientifically proven tools that helps build resilience in people. Whether you are an individual looking for some direction to be able to become a more resilient and happier version of yourself; or a business leader looking forward to creating resilient and more profitable organizations; or a healthcare provider looking forward to partner with us and play your part in creating a more resilient planet, The Resilient Mind project has something for you.

Currently, individuals and organizations who want to begin training can do so by registering for the online sessions through our website.

If you work in the healthcare sector or are a coach/counsellor, willing to include resilience training in your practice, The Resilient Mind project has something for you too.

Write to us at noelle.leemburg@TheResilientMind.life for more information.