A call to alternative health care clinics

..in today’s complex and changing world people require resilience to maintain mental well-being


The US surgeon general declared that 75% of doctor visits are lifestyle related with the largest culprit being stress.

This and other declaration from health authorities are strong exhortations that our health care model is a colossal unsustainable disease management system that must shift. Lifestyle medicine is the key to being able to sustain our health care model that starts with warding off stress through increased resilience.

In other words, morphing from a disease management model to a disease prevention is no longer an option but a necessity.


Fast pace and complexity of the world we live in, together with information overload has resulted in people not being able to cope with the growing stress levels. When stress is left undealt with, it turns into a mental health struggle. 1 in 5 people in Canada now struggle with a mental health condition costing the economy $50 billion a year.

Alternative healthcare providers like Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists etc. are suitably positioned to become resilience training outlets across Canada says Vic LeBouthillier, one of the  co-founders of The Resilient Mind.

Our neuro plastic brains are capable of increasing resilience – that is, if people have access to specific training modalities to focus at changing neuro pathways. This means, we can train ourselves to change how we think, feel and desire that determines whether we have healthy or unhealthy perceptions and reactions/responses to difficult events.


The Resilience Mind was founded by a group of thought leading academics, clinical professionals and former ministers of health with a vision to spark a resilience revolution across Canada.

Since 2015 they have been crafting a resilience training program that occurs over a period of 10 weeks either online or in person in small groups.  It helps people increase their resilience and outcome data to date indicates an average of 18% increase in resilience is occurring for participants. LeBouthillier states “To help reach more people we are calling on alternative health care clinics to step up to the plate and become the training venues, through a train the trainer model that can reach the 50% of Canadians affected by stress.”

Dr Lyle Oberg, a four time provincial minister, co-founder and clinical director of The Resilient Mind project, states that experiences gained by our sister company MyOutcomes gives The Resilient Mind the capability to spark a resilience revolution across Canada.

MyOutcomes is a clinical measure that determines the effectiveness of psychotherapists and counsellors and provides e-learning to increase effectiveness. It is used by the clinics in over 26 countries including the US military and over 26 universities to train psychology students. Oberg states The Resilient Mind processes the clinical, technological and execution competencies to spark a resilience revolution in high schools, colleges and businesses across our nation. The next stage is the call to alternative health care practitioners to join the cause and create a resilient, more productive Canadians.

To find out how you can be a part of this noble cause and also help your clinic and clients thrive, book a live 15-minute online presentation here.

You can also contact us by writing to us on partnerships@theresilientmind.life