Will Health care clinics heed the call

….to increase their offering to include resilience training?

Most people are not prepared to deal with the rapid changes of the last decade: super computing power in their pocket, accelerated pace of life and overexposure to data and world events. As a result loneliness, stress and mental health struggles costs Canada $50 billion per year.

A Canadian mental health solution

A team of thought leading academics, clinical professionals and former Canadian ministers of health developed an interactive training program called The Resilient Mind with the intention of sparking a resilience revolution across Canada.

Founders of The Resilient Mind are also the developers of MyOutcomes, which is a clinical measure that determines the effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling. It provides e-learning to increase effectiveness and is used by clinics in over 26 countries. This includes over 30 Universities for training psychology students and over 7 US military bases.

Delivering mental fitness via health clinics across Canada

The vision is to make advanced neuro, behavioural and social sciences affordable and accessible to all, which they believe can be accomplished using small group engagement training, internet technology and AI delivered through health clinics across Canada.

Dr Lyle Oberg, the clinical director and four-time Alberta Minister including Minister of Education is calling health clinics to become certified resilience training clinics and be a part of the solution to the real mental health pandemic.

Dr. Sharon Bladly, former Manitoba Minister of Healthy Living and Minister of Health – now part of the Resilient Mind Project clinical team states that:

The only way Canadians can conquer this mental health pandemic that is circling the globe is through a concerted effort by government and health care groups supporting initiatives such as The Resilient Mind”.

Alternative health clinics can help to spark this resilience revolution

Does your organisation place value on clinical outcomes and patient-centered care? Mental health is recognised as an integral part of holistic wellness. To find out how it can help your clinic and clients to thrive, book a live 15-minute online presentation here.

If you would like to determine if your organisation qualifies to become a certified resilience training center, contact us on partnerships@theresilientmind.life