Is Your Health Clinic Embracing Change?

….As mental health becomes the #1 health care concern…are you ready to treat it?

Change Is Inevitable: Will You Manage It Or Be Managed By It?

Change happening at a break neck pace validates the adage: we will either manage change or be managed by it.  Growing mental health struggles are one of those changes Canadians are being managed by.  Over the past 5 years stress levels have been on the constant rise and COVID 19 has spiked it even higher. Undealt stress leads to early onset of depression and anxiety, which  now 1 in 5 Canadians struggle with. (Source: Canadian Mental Health Association report).

In its simplest definition, stress transfers its effects onto the physical body wreaking havoc. So treating a digestive or other physical ailment while leaving stress undealt with is like installing a larger horn in your car because your brakes are malfunctioning.

It is therefore imperative that mental health struggles be dealt with as they are the largest core drivers of premature degenerative diseases.

Will Your Clinic Embrace Change?

A group of thought leading academics, clinical professionals and former ministers of health are making it possible for health clinics across Canada to become Canada’s premier stress resilience training centres through a train-the-trainer model.

The Resilient Mind Project was crafted with the intention of helping clinics across Canada provide scientifically proven resilience training programs that help participants produce measurable results towards increasing resilience to ward off stress and mental health struggles.

What makes this proposition even more attractive is that it does not require the attention of the primary care giver which in most cases is the residing clinic doctor. Nurses or office managers can be certified to carry out the training in the clinics in the evenings or other suitable times to utilize space more effectively.

The training involves groups of 10 people coming together weekly in a facilitated sessions with e-learning modules in between each group session and telephone mentoring.  Vic LeBouthillier, the clinical director of The Resilient Mind project stated that this resilience training model being rolled out across Canada, will be essential to stop the other pandemic of mental health struggle and stress.

LeBouthillier added that The Resilient Mind team’s vision is to spark a resilience revolution across Canada and is calling health clinics to heed the call by becoming a resilience training centre. This will help their clients as well as their clinics build-up their resilience!

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