Resilience Training At Your Health And Wellness Clinic

…because resilience is necessary in our fast paced and complex world 

We live in a day where almost everything is evolving at a rapid pace. This include advances in neuro, behavioural and socials sciences that proclaim the brain is indeed neuro plastic and capable to change.

This is a great news for people who experience chronic stress and mental health struggles. They can now learn to retrain their brain and reduce these struggles by working on and enhancing their resilience.  The real challenge is to make resilience training available to all.

The main issue is that we lack venues across our nation for people to  access resilience training.

To solve this very problem, a group of thought leading academics, clinical professionals and former ministers of health are working to develop a resilience training program that will be accessible and affordable to all Canadians. The Resilient Mind project’s intent is to create certified resilience trainers in existing clinics across Canada through a train-the-trainer model.

How people develop resilience

Developing resilience is, in essence, learning to create new behaviour and increase tolerance. We have limited control on our external environment, and the only change we can bring about is in the way we respond to situations. Resilience help us to become more aware of the environment and how to optimize our psychological functions. This awareness helps us to perceive situations differently, and respond in a healthy way.

Sally was recently laid off due to the Covid 19 situation. She went into a state of panic and  her thoughts became extreme: “ I will become poor with no job”! Her emotions became enflamed: “stricken with fear and anxiety”. This resulted in chronic stress for Sally that would typically last for several days.

Re-tracking the events of that day

At 8:30AM, Sally was having a good morning, fully regulated and ready to dive into the week’s challenges with hope and optimism. At 4PM after work she found out she was being laid off and shifted immediately into a stressful escalated state. Because Sally had undergone resilience training, she was able to objectively handle the situation. When returning home she thought to herself, “I can stay in this stressful place for a long time or I can practice my resilience skills by calling one of the people in my Resilience training group.”

On the call she was able to articulate the extreme thoughts and enflamed emotions she was experiencing and through empathetic listing from her friend she was able to de-escalate.  After she put the kids to bed, she went on her treadmill and through the endorphin release of exercise she was able to further de-escalate. The resilience traits and calming tools helped Sally and many more like her to bounce back into a regulated state.

Resilience training is for anyone looking to better their quality of life. Resilience is the bedrock of mental well-being and is one of the “must have” life skills in the 21st century. When we create a healthier psychology it has a positive effect on our physical and relationship health.

Become a Resilience Training clinic

The challenge being posed to healthcare workers across Canada is to impart these resilience skills to as many people as possible. If you’re a qualified health care professional or clinic who desires to become a certified resilience trainer, contact You can also book a live 15-minute online presentation here to know more.

Let us work towards building a more resilient Canada… mind at a time!