Sense of Belonging

…a human need!!!

A thought-leading relationship authority John Eldridge says, “Within each of us there is a deep intrinsic desire to belong”. It is a primal link somewhere in our memory to our need for survival.

To be an outsider is like being sentenced to death. To be shunned is the worst form of abuse, just as solitary confinement is to break prisoners.

We are all aware of the cruelty of middle, high school, and community cliques that exist. The terrifying power of psychological harassment. Cruel schoolmates, workmates, and bosses. Are you the top salesperson? Are you the best looking person? Do you fit in? Do you get asked out on the guys’ golf trip? Are you in or are you out?

As humans, we are created to belong, to be part of something, to have a role to play, and share life with others. We are supposed to feel “in.”

Experts now tell us that living in relationship with others contributes more to our well-being than exercise and nutrition. Yes, people may drive us crazy sometimes, but we still need each other. You may be born an introvert and need time to replenish your soul in solitude, but you still require others. Social scientists tell us that loneliness is the 21st-century pandemic, with 42% of North Americans experiencing it, which is a direct link to stress.

Why Resilience Training

The Resilient Mind project aims to train people to reduce stress using the 8 traits of resilience. We particularly emphasize on the trait that is learning to establish deeper, more meaningful relationships. Through a 10-week group-based training, The Resilient Mind project, which is Canada’s only clinically validated program, works to change neuropathways in how we think, feel and desire.

Developed by a team of though leading academics, clinical professions and former ministers of health, The Resilient Mind project is making advanced neuro, social and behavioral science affordable and accessible to all.

Building resilience takes courage and consistent training. The Resilient Mind program, helps you build resilience with the help of weekly group sessions, mentoring sessions, gamification and self-help techniques, that are effective and measurable.

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