Fall is in the Air

It’s cool and crisp in the morning, like a fresh Granny Smith apple. Along with the cool air, comes early sunsets and darker mornings. The change of season affects people in different ways. Lots of people love fall, it’s by far the most colorful season and it’s a fun season for fashion too.

For some however, it’s quite the opposite.

With the long, cold and dark season of winter upon us, along with the compounding effects of physical distancing and social isolation, many people are feeling uncertainty, a loss of hope, loneliness, and fear and anxiety.

The researchers at The Resilient Mind Project know the effects of these emotions. Doctors, psychologists and counsellors, heck even mothers and teachers, know that social interaction is imperative to the health of our souls.

Governments made a big error when they labeled and created mandates around social distancing. We aren’t actually supposed to be social distancing to help with the spread of this flu strain, we are supposed to be physically distancing. The meaning of these two terms is different. And language is important. It carries energy.

The last thing we need to do during difficult times is cut ourselves off from human interaction.

Social interaction creates meaning, generates laughter, play and fun. It’s not just a want, it’s a bloody need.

This is just one of the reasons The Resilient Mind took sage advice from the experts who had many claims as to why the training had to be a group program.

While many people don’t care for teamwork, (except those who play on sports teams or get teamwork training) a lot of people like working together as a group.  Group work empowers togetherness, rapport and trust. It creates comradery and elevates our desire to be our best.

So, as the leaves turn from green to yellow, gold, red and orange, we know that more and more people will be looking for ways to enhance their well-being, to avoid the feeling of sadness or despair. To enhance their ability to build meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally. To ensure they stay creative, productive and focused on what matters.

building resilience for mental health

We at The Resilient Mind project will be adding more programs to support people in our communities across Canada and beyond, to build their resilience skills, have some fun and develop new relationships, ultimately, to thrive mentally

Be a part of the solution. Be a part of developing a mentally strong and resilient country!

Currently, individuals and organizations who want to begin training can do so by registering for the online sessions through our website.

If you work in the healthcare sector or are a coach/counsellor, willing to include resilience training in your practice, The Resilient Mind project has something for you too.

Write to us at partnerships@TheResilientMind.life for more information.