Everything is advancing
…however, people’s ability to develop stress resilience still lags behind

The output of human endeavour in medical science, computer technology and even battery technology is extending life, changing the way we do things and providing more convenience than ever before.

In the midst of this, it appears that we’ve forgotten how to recharge our own batteries. Add to this the extreme uncertainty people feel about the future and upheaval in the economy and we have ourselves a serious situation.

While people aren’t outwardly talking about their anxiety and fears, stats show these emotions are on the rise and they lead to increased stress which affects every part of our life including lowering our performance at work.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Resilience skills help us thrive mentally. Our neuroplastic brains are capable of developing the resilience to stave off the effects of stress caused by relationships, situations and uncontrollable events. There is a way to help people become more resilient in the face of rapid change and uncertainty. And it’s pretty simple.

Resilience training produces real results

The Resilient Mind project is a group of thought-leading academics, clinicians and educators who are working to spark a resilience revolution across our nations.

Clinical director Vic LeBouthillier states: “since 2015 our clinical team has been in the trenches with people who have varying levels of mental health struggles and our work together is producing outcome data of up to 36% increase in the implementation of practical resilience skills.”

These beta tests have been carried out on a small scale with plans to scale-up in 2021 by offering medical and holistic health clinics the opportunity to offer resilience sills training to their clients through their online gamification program. The goal is to have 100 resilience training centers across Canada in 2021 and 200 by the end 2022.

Ten weeks or 22.5 hours of training is the minimum requirement for the brain to rewire it’s neuropathways. A combination of mentoring, group game play and self-discovery exercises is what makes the big difference in ensuring the training lasts.

Here’s what Healthcare Clinics can do to help people in their community become mentally fit.

The holistic community, the medical doctors and every business in between can implement our turn-key program, developed specifically for them and it’s a true win-win-win. And who doesn’t like to be a part of a ‘good thing’.

Be a part of the solution. Be a part of developing a mentally strong and resilient country!

Currently, individuals and organizations who want to begin training can do so by registering for the online sessions through on our website.

To find out how you can be a part of this resilience revolution across Canada, help your clinic and clients thrive, book a live 15-minute online presentation here.

You can also contact us at partnerships@TheResilientMind.life