Why Education, Training, and Support?

The optimal environment for successfully preventing or overcoming mental illness is created when a person receives a combination of education, training and support.

EDUCATION… learn about your psychological functions

The Resilient Mind education programs engage participants in a learning process that will give them a master level understanding of how their psychological functions operate. Basic skills are initially taught and individuals progress at their own pace. Once mastery is achieved at one level, an individual progresses to the next level.

Distance education is carried out using interactive, multimedia technologies. Our e-learning programs include online quizzes that are used to ensure learning has been achieved before progressing to the next level.

TRAINING… practice opportunities

As participants learn about their psychological functions, a training environment will be created to allow them to practice and become skilled in the new behaviors that they have learned.

Training environments are created within teams and include:

  • regulating oneself (self care)
  • checking-in (self expression)
  • setting boundaries (self and relationship boundaries)
  • expressing anger (constructively vs destructively)
  • engaging in relationships

SUPPORT… one-on-one help

Coaching support from certified coaches or master’s level therapists is the critical element in group learning environments that allow people to feel safe.

Coach/therapist contact and connection is facilitated through text messaging, email, telephone and within group environments.