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You have the power to help people THRIVE. Have you suffered from adversity, trauma, or stress? Then now is the time to get inspired and train others to take control of their mental fitness. Reach more people with our online training platform.


Align with us to help people thrive.

Become a certified resilience facilitator.

Conduct online/in-person sessions.

Earn up to 80% commission!

What is the Resilient Mind project?

The Resilient Mind project is an online or in-person gaming-platform that creates a measurable learning experience for individuals who wish to develop sustainable skills in strengthening their mental fitness. Our innovative software integrates advanced neuro-behavioral and social sciences to train new neuropathways in the brain. These neuropathways are aimed at forging a mindset that is more resilient to social challenges, adversity, and stressful situations.

The Resilient Mind project has been developed by an award-winning team of clinical, health, and academic professionals who are dedicated to creating a Resilience Revolution, one mind at a time!

Group Engagement
Mentor Support
Self Help Techniques

Your role as a Certified Resilience Trainer

As a valued resilience trainer, you’ll receive a comprehensive package of tools to reach existing and potential clients:

Facilitator Certification to lead gamification training

Ongoing product knowledge training
Neuro, behavioural and social sciences updates
Sales tools, marketing and support
Co-branding options

Game Kit

Gameboard, props, video library, digital handbook
Client access to App and e-learning for 2 years
Annual new version releases

NEW gamification app for virtual play and ongoing resources

Plug and play processes

Wallet cards for group workshops and promotions
Automated ADMIN for registration and payments
Speaker’s PowerPoint for speeches and workshops

Expanded business opportunities

80%* of revenue on workshops, consulting and speaking
40%* revenue on gamification group sessions
Global territory partners rights to sell globally
First right of refusal to purchase an exclusive territory
Grants and research subsidies passed on to partners

Here’s what some of our clients say about the program!

As former Manitoba Minister of Health, transferring from 9 years in public service to private health care consulting was a challenging transition. Most of my career, I focused on developing my IQ, but through The Resilient Mind executive program, I have developed my EQ (emotional quotient). The trickle-down effect on my executive capabilities has been like a secret weapon in reducing my stress and increasing engagement with people. I would like to thank the team at The Resilient Mind project and highly recommend the program.
Sharon Bladly PhD , Former Manitoba Minister of Health 2014-16Former Manitoba Minister of Healthy Living 2012-14
I have come to see the close relationship between my personal growth and development and the success of my business and team. I am thankful for what I learned through The Resilient Mind program, it has helped me evolve as a person and a leader. The mentoring and guidance shared ahs helped us double our corporate revenue for the past 3 consecutive years!

Without hesitation, I recommend The Resilient Mind program.

Brarandon Farr, President, Unlimited Contracting
I started The Resilient Mind project to help my husband, both in his personal and work life. I had done a lot of work on myself in the past and thought I was fine in dealing with all the stress around me. Well, I was so wrong. It didn’t take long for me to see I was shut down, I was angry and blaming my husband for the situation we were in. I was also gaining a lot of weight and not taking care of myself. I can see now, that I had given up on being in a loving nurturing relationship with my husband and it was affecting my relationships with my children, my friends and my co-workers.

The skills I learned at The Resilient Mind program have given me and my marriage the love and tenderness it was missing. We communicate more, we have more intimacy, life is fun again.

Giselle Davis, President, Davis Markeitng

Backed by Science, Proven By Results

Over the past 10 years,
We’ve tracked
over1200 people

86% of them report a reduction in their stress by 50% within 15 minutes using our de-escalation tools.

Outcome measure indicate 18% increase of resilience on an average for participants.