Build a Resilient Workforce

Excellent for people, Exceptional for business

Our accessible and affordable program provides a high return on your investment

Canadian grant money covers up to 60% of our program

The effect of everyday stress significantly reduces your employee’s focus, creativity and performance.

High stress increases absenteeism, reduces productivity and negatively impacts relationships. Stress undealt with generates a greater susceptibility to early onset anxiety, depression and physical ailments.


of people say the Coronavirus is negatively affecting their mental health.

$16.6 Billion*

productivity loss to Canadian companies per year due to stress and mental health issues.

$4 to $1

is your minimum return on investment from a ‘sticky’ evidence based training program.

Reduce the Costs Associated to Poor Mental Health

Poor mental health in the workplace imposes enormous costs on employers. Leaders and shareholders want real-world evidence that training programs yield a return on their investment while at the same time, actually help their employees perform at higher levels with greater job satisfaction.

We measure the results for all our participants and provide aggregate reports to companies on the increase of skills as a result of our training.

Imagine a workplace filled with people who can recognize, understand and control their stress level, and more skillfully manage relationships (the #1 cause of stress).

Foster a Mentally Healthy, Thriving Culture

Working with us is simple and easy:

Begin with a resilience assessment for your leadership and staff
Receive a summary report with recommendations
Embark in the training
Midway review
Aggregate report and ROI results
Build out post-training wellness initiatives for continuous learning and growth

*We support you in applying for government grants

Organizational Resilience – A Smart Initiative for a Powerful Competitive Advantage

A strong resilient culture lowers employee turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism. It helps to attract top talent, increases morale, and improves your reputation in the marketplace.

*Government funding available that will cover upto 60% of the training

Why The Resilient Mind™?

We have an international award-winning track record in developing outcome based mental health prevention, recovery and education programs.

Our program was developed in 2012, by a team of leading clinical, health and academic professionals who are dedicated to mental wellness.

Our training is based on advanced behavioural, neuro and social sciences and alters the neuropathways in the brain for lasting results. Our data proves it!

Backed by science, proven by results

Over the past 10 years,
We’ve tracked
over1200 people

86% of them report a reduction in their stress by 50% within 15 minutes using our de-escalation tools.

Outcome measures indicate a minimum 18% increase of resilience, on average for participants.

Increase productivity in your workplace

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