evoke learning

For early adopter to build


in groups of 25 to 200 people

Not all people within a population are ready to come into awareness of their phycological functions and work towards building their resilience. This resilience training workshops will attract approximately 40% of invited attendee. The objective in this workshop is to create initial awareness of:

  • what is resilience
  • how can one increase their resilience ( 9 traits to resilience)
  • does the person exhibit a readiness to change to move into further resilience training (See Group training or Gamification training options below)

Carried out in ½ or full day interactive training environment, participants go away evoked to make resilience competencies a priority


builds resilience

Weekly, over 7 weeks via tele-conference from any location


resilience skills

Teleconference: Stress Resilience is gained by learning skills to change the difficult things that can be changed and to accept the hard things that cannot be changed. Group environments accelerate learning, yet some do not feel safe in this type of setting. These 1 hour, teleconference sessions over 7 weeks were developed to provide safety by allowing participants to share and participate, feeling less threatened. Additionally people can attend from any location and have the choice of not disclosing their identity.


accelerate learning

In a highly effective training


to achieve an 18% increase in resilience

Gamification creates a greenhouse environment that accelerates learning through Interpersonal dynamics such as safety, trust, courage, honesty and vulnerability which all lead to higher levels of engagement-a key factor to building resilience. Outcome data indicates that, compared to traditional learning methods, gamification significantly increases participants’ resilience. Engaged people are resilient people.