Learn How To Cope With Stress
using Resilience and

Unlock Your True Potential

See a marked difference in just 10 weeks

Stress has been dubbed as the Health Epidemic of the 21st Century. So much so that stress and mental health struggles cost Canada $50 billion per year.

How does stress impact you?

Lowers Productivity

Hampers creativity

Causes relationship fractures

Leads to physical ailments

Leads to mental health struggles

Building Resilience is the solution

Since the pace and intensity of contemporary life are not likely to change, it is more important now than ever, to build resilience skills to effectively navigate work and relationships.
Resilience is the ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy.

The good news is that Resilience can be taught!

Our microlearning, mentoring and gamification program is
enlightening, transformational and practical

About The Resilient Mind

We are Canada’s only clinically validated resilience training program built by thought-leading academics, clinical professionals and former ministers of health. Our program is an effective and measurable way to help you develop core skills to drive personal, relational and professional growth.

Years of research in behavioural sciences has shown that the most effective method of building resilience and retaining is within a facilitated, safe, group environment with optimal mentor support. Adopting best practices, we have built a training program that delivers using the following components.


Group Engagement

Mentor Support

Self Help Techniques

After the 10-week course you can see the following benefits of Resilience in your life:

Long term behaviour change

Lowering of mental health struggles

More meaningful, mutually respectful relationships and less relationship fractures

Increased workplace effectiveness

Increased sense of independence, self-efficacy, and self-worth

Sense of purpose and goals for the future

Here’s what some of our clients say about the program!

As former Manitoba Minister of Health, transferring from 9 years in public service to private health care consulting was a challenging transition. Most of my career, I focused on developing my IQ, but through The Resilient Mind executive program, I have developed my EQ (emotional quotient). The trickle-down effect on my executive capabilities has been like a secret weapon in reducing my stress and increasing engagement with people. I would like to thank the team at The Resilient Mind project and highly recommend the program.
Sharon Bladly PhD , Former Manitoba Minister of Health 2014-16Former Manitoba Minister of Healthy Living 2012-14
I have come to see the close relationship between my personal growth and development and the success of my business and team. I am thankful for what I learned through The Resilient Mind program, it has helped me evolve as a person and a leader. The mentoring and guidance shared ahs helped us double our corporate revenue for the past 3 consecutive years!

Without hesitation, I recommend The Resilient Mind program.

Brarandon Farr, President, Unlimited Contracting
I started The Resilient Mind project to help my husband, both in his personal and work life. I had done a lot of work on myself in the past and thought I was fine in dealing with all the stress around me. Well, I was so wrong. It didn’t take long for me to see I was shut down, I was angry and blaming my husband for the situation we were in. I was also gaining a lot of weight and not taking care of myself. I can see now, that I had given up on being in a loving nurturing relationship with my husband and it was affecting my relationships with my children, my friends and my co-workers.

The skills I learned at The Resilient Mind program have given me and my marriage the love and tenderness it was missing. We communicate more, we have more intimacy, life is fun again.

Giselle Davis, President, Davis Markeitng

And we have data backing our work

Over the past 10 years,
We’ve tracked
over1200 people

86% of them report a reduction in their stress by 50% within 15 minutes using our de-escalation tools.

Outcome measure indicate 18% increase of resilience on an average for participants.