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Therapist/Mentor Defined

Since 2001 Alive has been using the therapist/mentor model which provides an holistic and comprehensive approach that produces greater outcomes.

Alive Psychotherapists all hold Masters or Ph.D. degrees and they work with clients from a competency base. They have walked through their own personal challenges which have given them a first-hand understanding and compassion for the unique journey each client is on.

Alive Mentor is a person who has overcome a mental illness by having become aware and able to manage their own psychological function successfully. Through this involvement, they have become able to articulate their experiences to clients in a way that clients can relate to. Our mentors, through a high level of empathy, are able to establish a high level of engagement and TQ [Trust Quotient) with clients. A high TQ is crucial for developing a strong sense of safety, understanding, and connectedness, all of which are necessary to help clients achieve mental and relationship health goals.

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