Our Values

Our values are inspired by our vision, in which all peoples attain the highest possible level of health; and our mission to promote health and serve the vulnerable. Our people  are individually and collectively committed to put these values into practice.

Trusted to serve public health at all times

  • We put people’s health interests first
  • Our decisions are fair, transparent and timely
  • We use a Robin Hood model: To charge those who have funds to pay for resilience training and discount or provide training for free for those who don’t.

Professionals committed to excellence in health

  • We uphold the highest standards of professionalism
  • We are guided by the best available science, evidence and technical expertise
  • We continuously develop ourselves and innovate to respond to a changing world

Persons of integrity

  • We practice the advice we give to our clients
  • We engage with everyone honestly and in good faith
  • We hold ourselves and others accountable for words and actions

People caring about people

  • We courageously and selflessly defend everyone’s right to mental well being
  • We show empathy and compassion for all human beings
  • We strive to make people feel safe, respected, empowered, fairly treated and duly recognized