Virtual Group Training to Build your Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

…your journey towards maximum mental fitness starts here!

The Resilient Mind™ program is an essential set of skills that will empower you to face and deal with adversity, transform stress, enhance your emotional intelligence, and develop skills to strengthen your relationships.

In the program you will have the opportunity to learn and develop the traits that make up Resilience.

  1. The ability to identify and develop effective calming skills for your top stressors.
  2. Elevated emotional intelligence and self-confidence.
  3. The power to optimize your personal energy and stimulate feel-good brain chemistry.
  4. Highly effective problem-solving capabilities.
  5. The ability to discern what you can change and accept and what you can’t.
  6. How to manage your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires.
  7. How to perceive situations with greater accuracy.

How it works – a 2. 5 hour commitment per week to build up your resilience and EQ.

  • The virtual program includes playing a 90-minute game weekly for 7 weeks, with a group of like-minded individuals.
  • You’ll have access to The Resilient Mind™ app, which has your workbook, a comprehensive set of tools, a master checklist of assignments to help you stay focused and many other resources.
  • You also have access to a mentor for 10 weeks, who you can communicate with directly, in confidence in the “Chat” function of the app.
  • Each week, you’ll receive 2 e-Learning exercises to complete to maximize your learning.

Gift the Gift of Health To Yourself or A Loved One

A word from our participants

Taking The Resilient Mind program taught me how to handle my stress so that I could focus my mind on the difficulties in front of me and find solutions and not wallow in despair. I have since right-sided my business and we are moving forward with a much better plan for the future and we have much happier employees. My wife and I are also moving in a much more cohesive and loving way. By regulating my emotions, I communicate much deeper with my wife and clearer with my employees.

Warren Jones , President Waater Works Inc.

I have come to see the close relationship between my personal growth and development and the success of my business and team. I am thankful for what I learned through The Resilient Mind program, it has helped me evolve as a person and a leader. The mentoring and guidance shared ahs helped us double our corporate revenue for the past 3 consecutive years!

Without hesitation, I recommend The Resilient Mind program.

Brarandon Farr, President, Unlimited Contracting

I started The Resilient Mind project to help my husband, both in his personal and work life. I had done a lot of work on myself in the past and thought I was fine in dealing with all the stress around me. Well, I was so wrong. It didn’t take long for me to see I was shut down, I was angry and blaming my husband for the situation we were in. I was also gaining a lot of weight and not taking care of myself. I can see now, that I had given up on being in a loving nurturing relationship with my husband and it was affecting my relationships with my children, my friends and my co-workers.

The skills I learned at The Resilient Mind program have given me and my marriage the love and tenderness it was missing. We communicate more, we have more intimacy, life is fun again.

Giselle Davis, President, Davis Marketing
“It’s one thing to learn about the skills of resilience, but it’s another thing entirely to put these skills into practice. The TRM Resilience Training program has been instrumental in helping me bridge that gap.”
Catherine North Associate Certified Coach, MA, Organizational Development and Leadership

This training program is best suited for individuals who have a growth mindset: willing to increase their self and social awareness, have a strong desire to enhance their relationship skills, and their mental well-being.

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