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What is Resilience:

Everybody experiences both the healthy and unhealthy stress.

You may notice, some people tend to bounce back from adversities better than others. This very quality of ‘bounciness’ is what is known as resilience.
It’s a must have skill for the 21st century.

Why Resilience

Is resilience just a fad or is it becoming a critical life skill?

As we now know, resilience is the trait of bouncing back from adversities. The big question that arises is, why is it so important?

First Trait of Resilience

The ability to IDENTIFY your TOP STRESSORS

“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it exists.” Zig Ziglar

Impact of stress on relationships

Impact of being in an escalated or stressful state

First Trait of Resilience Continued….

Being in an escalated or stressful state is uncomfortable and painful.

Becoming aware of your early warning signs

First Trait Of Resilience Continued….

Have you experienced that when you are in a stressful state, your thoughts and emotions can become extreme and inflamed?