In the program you will have the opportunity to learn and develop the traits that make up Resilience.

  1. The ability to identify and develop effective calming skills for your top stressors.
  2. Elevated emotional intelligence and self-confidence.
  3. The power to optimize your personal energy and stimulate feel-good brain chemistry skills.
  4. Highly effective problem-solving capabilities.
  5. The ability to discern what you can change and accept and what you can’t.
  6. How to manage your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and expectations.
  7. Realistic perceptions and processes to react appropriately to people, situations or stressful environments.

Get ready to grow and thrive personally and professionally!

We encourage you to jump in, play hard, be courageous, curious and honest with yourself. You will learn how practicing empathy over judgement builds authenticity and meaningful relationships which is a direct link to resilience. This game is interactive, engaging, thought-provoking and will likely be a transformational experience for you. This program is best suited for people who have a growth mindset, willing to take on new challenges and have a strong desire to become a better version of themselves.