The registration process is easy:

    • Step 1. Input your Name, Email address and Mobile number.
    • Step 2. Choose from the list, a day and time over the seven weeks that works best for you to play the game.
    • Step 3. Input the code you received to enroll. If you do not have a code, enter the default code provided.
    • Step 4. Look for your welcome email which will provide you with a link to the App and all the information you need to get started.
Then, get ready for your first gamification* experience.

Simply complete the registration form and you will receive access to the App that will launch your journey to a more Resilient Mind.

*Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing such as point scoring, competition, rules of play that all encourage engagement, consistent participation and long-term application of the learning. Gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff fun.