Welcome to The Resilient Mind Game Experience

…your journey towards maximum mental fitness starts here!

The Resilient Mind program is an essential set of skills that will empower you to face and deal with adversity, transform stress, enhance your emotional intelligence, and develop skills to strengthen your relationships.

The program includes playing a 90-minute game weekly for 7 weeks, with a group of like-minded individuals over Zoom meetings. You will have access to a mentor who will communicate directly with you in the App chat or if you choose via phone. Lastly you will have access to our Resilient Mind App, which is where you will record your ideas, do weekly exercises, and learn more about resilience using a comprehensive set of support tools.

Training Over 10 weeks includes:

#1 Seven weekly 90-minute interactive game based, group meetings via video conference.


#2 Two weekly e-learning lessons over ten weeks.


#3 Three 30-minute Mentoring session occour during the 10 weeks.


#4 App for Online community & resources support during 10 weeks and ongoing support after the ten week program.