The Resilient Mind Experience

The Resilient Mind is a 7 week program consisting of the following components designed to help develop resilience and enhance positive mental wellbeing –

  • Weekly 75-minute group sessions: these are conducted for 7 consecutive weeks in groups of 15 members each. Resilience skills are best learnt in the presence of other people who we can practise with and who can motivate us to stay in this journey. The group sessions are administered by the group Host and facilitated by a trainer via video.
  • Interactive Online Dashboard: this is an online platform created to provide additional resource materials such as workbooks, booklets, videos, quizzes and articles. Weekly homework assignments are also available on the Dashboard, which are designed to help revise and practise the skills taught in the weekly group sessions.
  • Mentoring: the process of building resilience is one which benefits from having the support of a senior mentor (phone/text) who can help you reflect on your psychological functions and navigate through making positive change. (Learn more about mentors – )