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About Vic Lebouthillier

Vic is passionate about bringing the latest advances in neuro, social and behavioural science to individuals, organisations and communities that need the support. Using a combination of clinical knowledge and IT skills, he leads the way in making advanced solutions affordable and accessible to all. In 2008 he co-founded MyOutcomes, a tool that helps behavioural health clinicians improve their effectiveness. MyOutcomes is currently used in over 24 countries around the world. His latest project, The Resilient Mind (TRM) was born of his vision to spark a resilience revolution across Canada. The resulting resilience training programs help to prevent or reduce mental health struggles across the country.

Three Types of Resilience Training

Three Types of Resilience Training ….because people have different learning needs and styles Resilience is developed in a person by improving competencies with the 9 traits of resilience, all of which play an essential part in at least two important areas of human experience: Gaining awareness of one’s psychological functions and optimizing them Being aware [...]

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What kind of Mindset do you Have?

What kind of Mindset do you Have? …an open mindset (teachable) or a closed mindset Teachability is not so much about competence or mental capacity as it is about attitude. It is the ability to embrace humility to unlearn and learn from life experiences, and from those in your life who you can learn from. [...]

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The 9 traits of a Resilient Mind

The 9 traits of a Resilient Mind …for enhanced mental well-being and performance As we advance our understandings of neuro, behavioral and social sciences it is possible to help people increase their resilience to ward off stress and mental health challenges. Think about what can be more important than feeling confident with a sense of [...]

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Resilience: the 21st century factor

Resilience: the 21st century factor …to determine mental well-being and human performance Who among us would not want less stress? Each one of us suffer from stress and when the World Health Organization describes stress as the 21st century global health epidemic, it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore! The pace and intensity of contemporary [...]

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